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Banana Split

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Banana Split

Vanaf € 6,99 bij iTunes
€ 1,99 bij Pathé Thuis
Vanaf  € 2,99 bij MeJane
€ 1,99 bij Amazon Prime


Over the course of one summer, two teenage girls develop a "kindred spirit" friendship with one problem: one is dating the other's ex! High school classmates April (Hannah Marks), Nick (Dylan Sprouse), and Ben are a close circle of friends - up until the summer before college, when April and Nick, who have been dating for two years, suddenly break up. As Ben struggles to maintain both friendships, he introduces the group to his childhood friend Clara (Liana Liberato). When Clara approaches April at a party, April wants nothing more than to punch her in the face, but a few shots later, they realise that deciding which college to go to might now be the less of their worries. Because… how do you keep your new best friend and hide it from Nick?

Regisseur en acteurs

Benjamin Kasulke (regisseur), Hannah Marks, Liana Liberato, Dylan Sprouse, Addison Riecke, Haley Ramm, Jacob Batalon, Luke Spencer Roberts, Jessica Hecht, Ben Konigsberg, Meagan Kimberly Smith
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