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Superman vs. the Elite

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Superman vs. the Elite


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Moeite met waar je nou Superman vs. the Elite moet kijken? Gedoe met downloaden? is de enige plek waar je het aanbod van bioscopen, on-demand aanbieders, winkels en televisie kan vinden!

Bekijk hieronder het aanbod voor Superman vs. the Elite:

Vanaf € 2,99 bij iTunes


This unusual chapter in the Superman saga finds the Man of Steel questioning his relevance when a new,more aggressive,crop of superhero crusaders captures the public's imagination. When catastrophe hits Earth,Superman springs into action as usual,but this time he gets some unexpected help from a new squad of superheroes who call themselves The Elite. Composed of four powerful beings and led by the brash and calculating Manchester Black,this new force brings a raw,wild mentality to the battle against evil,never hesitating to kill their foes -- even on a massive scale -- something Superman would never consider. Despite public support for the bloody methods of The Elite,Superman knows they are in the wrong,creating more harm than good. Tensions between Superman and The Elite rise until Superman challenges them to a showdown. The residents of Metropolis watch from a safe distance as the superheroes fight on the Moon.

Regisseur en acteurs

Michael Chang (regisseur), Pauley Perrette, George Newbern, Robin Atkin Downes, David Kaufman, Dee Bradley Baker, Ogie Banks, Catero Colbert, Melissa Disney, Paul Eiding, Henry Simmons, Tara Strong, Fred Tatasciore, Bruce Timm, Julie Wittner, Laraine Newman, Sumalee Montano, Marcella Lentz-Pope, Stephen Stanton, Grey DeLisle
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