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Small & Mighty

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Small & Mighty

€ 10,99 per maand


The crafty and avaricious lawyer Liu Lang is hired to defend a food safety case for a big food corporation. He harbors hatred for the rookie, idealist, defense lawyer Lin Xiao-yan, who returns the same feelings due to Liu Lang's cheap shots. One day, a five-year-old boy shows up claiming to be Liu Lang’s son. Liu Lang is incredulous. Meanwhile, Liu Lang tries to mislead Xiao-yan. However, the rookie lawyer finds a crucial piece of evidence and fights back, much to Liu Lang’s dismay.

Regisseur en acteurs

Fu-Hsiang Hsu (regisseur), Chen Bolin, Puff Kuo, Haijah Lin, Yan Sheng-Yu, Yu-Pin Lin, Vera Chen, William Liao, Jason Tsou
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